5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit El Salvador in Your Next Vacation

El Salvador is gradually beginning to become as the next hot spot in the traveller’s list, breaking the shackles from its famous neighbors. Laden with unique and mesmerizing landscape, an authentic, subtle & individual charm, the country usually takes every new visitor by surprise. One of the best paved roadways you would see anywhere, along with off-the-beaten-track trips make the visit to El Salvador captivating and thrilling.
If you are still pondering about whether to visit El Salvador or not, then below appended 5 reasons will definitely change your mind, to instantly pack your bags and get going:

Archaeological Sites
There are several fascinating archeological sites, worth paying a visit. Visit the world famous, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Joya de Cerén, also known as the "Pompeii of the Americas", which will give you a close glimpse of the Mayan culture. Other destination includes remnants of Mesoamerican settlements.

Hiking Terrains
The middle of the country will let you explore a sequence of volcanoes, perfect outing for serious hikers. The country has in total 22 volcanoes, some of which are still active. The low peaks mean that not just professionals, but amateurs can also enjoy breathtaking hikes. El Imposible, Cerro Verde, and Montecristo are national parks, which are highly fascinating and amazing hike treks.

Surfing Vacation
The stretched beaches are beautiful in view, as well as providing one of the best and amazing options for family surf vacations. Punta Roca and port city of La Liberated are world-famous in their own rights, as they provide amazing, long & powerful barrels with perfect right breaks. If not surfing, a peaceful stroll down the beach, visit to nearby restaurants and peaceful stay in some of the world’s beautiful resorts will certainly make your trip unforgettable.

Local Craft
The local art & craft beauty is breathtaking, which you can explore in the local shops. The traditional art techniques are still prevalent which will excite you no end. Shop for a variety of jugs, bowls and plates and take them with you as souvenir. Woven goods and hammocks from San Sebastián are also famous.

Papusas and Seafood
The long coastline ensures that there is no dearth of local fresh seafood, which you can gorge on and never stop appreciating the deliciousness. Hot Papusas (fried mesa filled with cheese, beans and/or pork skin)are greatly famous, which you should not miss at all. The seafood markets are large and you will get almost all the varieties which you can imagine.
So, from a perfect destination to surf in El Salvador, to engage in local cuisine, art & craft, or adventurous activities, there is aplenty which this beautiful country offers.

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