El Salvador Surf Camp


We can all agree that surfing is one of the most intriguing sports out there. Not only is surfing an incredibly fun sport, it’s also a killer workout and a passion you can enjoy the world over. If you’ve never had any surfing exposure, or you’ve simply scratched the surface, joining an El Salvador surf camp is a great way to dive in.

El Salvador has some of the best waves on the planet, as well as some of the most diverse. It also has highly qualified instructors that have experience with surfers of all levels. There’s no doubt you’ll feel safe and comfortable learning from a professional, so here’s what you can expect at an El Salvador Surf Camp:


You must know how to swim to join a surf camp

Safety is the #1 priority for AST, so knowing how to swim is an absolute must. If you’re keen to learn how to surf but aren’t a comfortable swimmer, make sure to take lessons prior to joining a camp.



You’ll quickly become a safety expert

At AST’s surf schools, all programs start with basic safety measures, including water safety, wave heights and tides. You’ll learn to practice these measures as you go, so you can get out on the water as soon as possible and use them moving forward.


You’ll be in good hands!

The instructors at an El Salvador Surf Camp are professionals with years of experience. They will be with you through the duration of the camp and are there to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip. If surf conditions are not safe for your level of experience, you can expect that the instructor will make that call and other activities can be arranged. 


You’ll learn surf techniques relevant to your experience level

Whether you’ve never set foot on a surfboard before or have an intermediate level of experience, you’ll learn different techniques that are relevant to you.

As a Level 1 Beginner, you’ll learn how to prepare a surfboard, how to do pop-ups, different paddling techniques, how to fall safely, how to paddle and catch a wave and more.

If you’re a Level 2 Beginner, you’ll receive more knowledge in determining surf breaks, angling techniques, how to choose a board, and a ton more! You’ll spend more time in the water with an additional two surf lessons each day.

Once you hit Level 3 Beginner or Intermediate, you have a whole lot more freedom and confidence, but you’ll always have an AST instructor along with you to fine tune your skills and get you ready to ride bigger waves. By the end of this course, you’ll have a load of experience and should feel confident to purchase your own board and ride on your own at home or on your travels.


Choosing to learn to surf or build your skill set through and El Salvador Surf Camp is the best way to experience surf travel. You’ll get on your feet quickly, you’ll have the confidence to do it on your own, and you’ll be able to carry that knowledge with you on all of your beach holidays. Find out more about AST’s Surf Schools and how to join here. As always, be safe and have fun!

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