“I want to go on a surf trip!”

“Okay… now what?!”

 Planning a surf trip can be a daunting task for even the most experienced travelers. One of the first steps is to be honest and ask yourself: “What level of surfing am I at?”

Every surf tour through AST can be geared toward your particular skill level and which waves you feel comfortable surfing. Tours can be arranged for surfers of any level, from beginners who are looking to increase their skills and knowledge overall, to the more experienced surfers just looking to score some secret gems with their crew. Next, you have to ask yourself what exactly you want to get out of your trip, whether it be solely surfing, a family surf vacation with sightseeing adventures, or some relaxing massages and a yoga retreat for a ladies getaway. It is called Adventure Sports Tours for a reason! There are endless adventures that can be added to this epic surf trip, from zip lining through the jungle’s lush canopy to hiking an insane waterfall, taking tours through a volcano or through the back country on a buggy, and from world class fishing to hunting for souvenirs in historical, culturally rich sites.

When choosing a surf camp in Nicaragua, a couple of factors come into play, first and foremost being the issue of getting to the waves. The road system in Nicaragua is underdeveloped to say the least, so your best means of scoring waves is by boat; at the AST camp there are two boats ready to be launched at a moment’s notice. Perks that are included in a trip with AST include unlimited boat and car transfers to the waves, as well as pick up and drop off from the airport – this should be heavily considered when selecting a camp, because these factors can eat into anyone’s budget and consequentially leave you with less time to surf. Finding a surf camp that allows you to surf when you want is a must! There should be no time constraint for surfing and water time. Odds are, your most enjoyable surfing will come when you are having carefree fun and with no worries in mind of having to rush to make it to a boat before it leaves without you. This is no problem with the AST surf camp, as they encourage you to surf whenever you wish and to eat whenever you please – your trip revolves around you… as it should!

The weather in Nicaragua is hot and humid, so choosing the right sleeping arrangements can either make or break your stay. With this in mind, all rooms at the camps come exquisitely furnished along with A/C and complimentary Wi-Fi for those busy bodies who need to get work done, or just to surf the Internet in between surfs. The amenities of the AST camps will leave you speechless… Beautiful pools overlook pristine waves and hammocks are in abundance to lay your aching body down after a full day of surf.  Of course, every trip comes with the inevitable conversation of budget: “How much can we afford for lodging, food, sightseeing, etc.?” The solution to that question is the unique aspect of AST, being its ability to customize each surf tour to your particular preferences, and add a trip to the volcanoes or a couple of surf lessons here and there. AST can help you plan the surf vacation of your dreams, customized just to your desires!

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