The whole mantra “What goes around comes around” can be broken down two ways: you can do something not so nice, and it will catch up to you, or you can do something nice and charitable and hopefully this good fortune will find its way back to you! We encourage the latter when making your rounds around the world traveling. Whether it be a family surf vacation or a solo surf tour, some of the best surf spots in the world include traveling to some third world countries that can give you a very real view of what life is like outside of your own bubble. Any surfer, adventure seeker, or wanderluster may be pleasantly surprised to wake up to how fortunate you just may be, and encourage you to genuinely reach out to the local communities that you encounter while exploring the world.

When traveling with AST, we urge you to bring any old clothes, surf gear, or even something easy like stickers or posters to pass along to the local communities. After all, they were here first and we are merely just visiting their beautiful country – their hometowns. The stoke and smiles these locals get from receiving any generous contributions can warm your heart and instantly boost your good karma, and who knows – maybe they’ll be the ones hooting you into the bomb set of the day next time you are surfing the very surf break that they grew up on!

During down time on your surf trip, a big time bonding moment for all involved can be joining in on one the many soccer games happening on the beach – they love their soccer with a fiery passion. Beware, even though you are a guest they will show you a few tricks and school you at soccer and surfing alike!


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