Our Favorite Twins: How El Salvador Stole The Hearts of Casey and Jessica Kwiecinski



Jessica and Casey Kwiecinski, East coast pro surfers and lovely lady-twins, spent a month in El Salvador reveling in the pumping surf of AST La Libertad and Las Flores. They have a little bit to say about the swell and the area, so listen in.  Photos by Joe O'Connor.
As East Coast surfers, the common getaway destination is Central America.  The norm is Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but there's another little country tucked away that you'll definitely want to visit. There's two specific spots that you'll want to see when going there - La Libertad is right in the city where the best right hand point break is located. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh fruit and coffee while the sun rises as you watch the waves come in literally right at your own front yard. You can walk or paddle right out to the point and you'll be wishing you ate a bigger breakfast because the waves will be too good for you to want to get out. On flat days (which is hardly ever) you can go to the waterfalls or volcanos to change it up a bit.
The waterfall is such an incredible environment. The water is beyond refreshing and the green that surrounds you is to die for.  The volcano is a little bit of a hike, but worth it with the most amazing views. Get in some good exercise and reward yourself with a cool breeze up top while staring directly into one of El Salvador's active volcanos. You'll question yourself if it is all a dream. Punta Roca is a world-class wave and whether you catch it right at the point, or on the inside a little bit, you'll wonder how you got so lucky to be there.
The next best wave is Las Flores. The property at Las Flores will make you feel like a celebrity at your private beach house. It's located right on the point looking down at the take off spot of the wave. You can literally have a conversation with the people surfing while you are leaning over the ledge. This makes it super easy and accessible to surf when nobody is out or when it starts pumping. I guarantee you'll see it better and first before any other view on any other property in the surrounding areas. The beach is amazing here and the local community of surfers and fisherman are extremely kind and welcoming. Locals will call you into waves and cheer for you on the inside. When everybody gets out for breakfast, you'll find yourself wondering that if you got out too, then who would surf these amazing waves? It'll make you want to stay in forever.
El Salvador has it all... the city, the quiet beach town, the amazing waves, and an incredible culture. It's a shocker that this place hasn't been blown up with a crowd just yet.  Peace and relaxation like this doesn't exist elsewhere. You can search all over, but you won't find another place like this. El Salvador has stolen our hearts forever, and we can promise that it'll steal yours too. It's the kind of place that makes you question why you would ever leave. Go there. You'll thank us later.

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