We Just Put Together Your Perfect El Salvador Itinerary

walking in El Salvador


We know how to craft the perfect El Salvador itinerary because... well... we are travel pros!  Take it from us and let us save you the monotonous trip-planning time - just follow the guidelines below and viola!  Dream trip, scored.


Day 1 - Realize How Annoying Luggage Is

  • Stumble mega-awkwardly with your overpacked bags out the airport doors for your first glimpse of the awesomeness that is El Salvador.
  • Meet your friendly AST guide and sail down the streets to Las Flores (keep yourself busy by asking your driver a million questions)
  • Hurriedly catapult your heavy bags in your comfy room.
  • Run as fast as humanly possible down to the sparkly black sand beach and fall face first into the toasty ocean.
  • Dry off for your first authentic Salvadorian dinner, follow with drinks in the pool while watching the sunset. 

Day 2 - Ride The Waves, Bro

  • Mix some sunrise in your coffee - get a moment to yourself while the rest of your party slumbers.
  • Tackle the morning with surf lessons, or if you're already proficient, take a few 150 yard long Las Flores rollers all by yourself. 
  • Recharge by sway on one of the many hammocks lining the property.
  • Lunch - try some of the sustainably sourced fish, or fresh ceviche and crispy crackers.
  • Unwind and bust out some OHMS with afternoon beach yoga,
  • Explore the town of El Cuco - visit a local pupuseria and try all the variations of these heavenly stuffed pockets of meaty goodness.


surfing in El Salvador


Day 3 - Why Am I So Sore?

  • Mix some sunrise in your coffee - get a moment to yourself while the rest of your party sleeps
  • Fuel up with a heavy homemade breakfast and boat over to Punta Mango - get a serious round of surf in under the care of your trusty guide.
  • Pass out in a hammock - get a few pages into that book you've been meaning to read.
  • Your sore body probably hates you by now, so a relaxing massage in town is a must.
  • Dinner and games - acquaint yourselves with the rest of the inhabitants and play a round of cards at the communal dinner table.

Day 4 - Room Swap

  • Watch your last pink sunrise in Las Flores, caravan up to La Libertad (continue asking your guide millions of questions.)
  • Throw your annoying bags into an air conditioned room and zoom down the street to the excitement on the fishing pier.  Get familiar with your surroundings and peruse the town a bit, check out the marketplaces.
  • Buy your mom a magnet.
  • Pick your poison - jump in for a mellow afternoon surf at La Paz, or walk down the point to the more powerful, world-class Punta Roca.
  • Run back and forth between AST restaurants La Terraza and Tsunami trying to decide which view is better.  Give up and have a relaxing drink at each.


hammocks in El Salvador


Day 5 - Adventure Time

  • Wake up ridiculously early and depart for your ultra fantastic tour of El Salvador!
  • Cruise up the coast to Juayua and jump off of roaring waterfalls (asking your guide... yep... a million more questions.)
  • Wander about the towering Mayan Ruins feeling quite small.
  • Hike up a volcano without falling in.
  • Have ALL the pupusas in the cool little town of El Tunco on the way back from your adventures.
  • Pass out in your bed in about 2.5 seconds (after a cold beer.)

Day 6 - Sob

  • Pop out of bed with a coffee for your last surf out front of AST.
  • Walk along the beach feeling really sad and not wanting to leave.
  • Pack your things and say your goodbyes to all your new amazing friends.
  • "Miss" your flight and stay a few extra days, because you'll be glad you did.


yoga in El Salvador

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