What All You Need to Know to Enjoy Your Surfing Vacation In Fiji

With the 2010 “Surfing Decree” from the Fiji Government, anyone can surf anywhere in Fiji waters, breaking away from the past tradition when only exclusive resorts owned specific breaks, like Cloud Break, Restaurants and Swimming Pools.

This has improved the overall atmosphere of the surfing culture in Fiji and an increasing number of surfers are exploring this island country to test their skills at some of the world’s best surfing breaks.

If you are planning to move away from other surfing getaways, like Hawaii, El Salvador, Nicaragua surf vacation, then Fiji must be on the top of your list.

Best time to surf
Generally, the country is suitable to surf all year round, but categorically there are two different surfing seasons:

  • Winter: From May to October, the winter season is considered the best for surfing enthusiasts. There are high swells, which can be as high as 8-10 feet, and are caused by the Southern Hemisphere low pressure system.
  • Summer: From November to April, the swells are usually low. The winds are light, weather is hot and there are afternoon showers. Surfing should be avoided during the afternoon time as low pressure storms can result in uncomfortable and bumpy rides.

How to make your surfing experience better in Fiji?
To enjoy the exotic surfing adventure that Fiji offers, you need to follow these essential tips:

Take the right gear
As Fiji is marked on a higher scale for surfing level, you need to pack right and suitable gear for your trip. The essential items include:

• Surfboard
Day bag for board protection on boat
Repair kit
Snacks & water
Rash vest & wet suit

    Get equipped with surfing etiquettes
    Like any other sport, right etiquette is necessary to enjoy the surfing to the hilt and command other’s respect as well. Some vital surfing etiquette, not only for Fiji but for any other surf destinations are:

    Do not paddle in front of other surfers
    If another person is closer to the peak, let him go, do not interrupt.
    If you are in front and have all the waves, be a gentleman and share the waves with other surfers. 

      Know which surf spot is best for you
      Fiji is home to a range of surf spots, like Cloud Break, Desperations, Restaurants, Swimming Pools and many more. Having complete knowledge about these waves and your skill set will help you choose and enjoy the most suitable break. Like Cloud Break is for the experienced surfers, while mid-level surfers should go for Mini Break, and so.

      Surfing in Fiji will definitely be an amazing and breathtaking experience, for experienced surfers as well as for beginners who are looking to learn to surf vacation.

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