Where to Next: Making Difficult Exploring A Thing Of The Past


There's a lot that goes into trip planning.  And even more that goes into adventure planning.  Now if only there was a way to make that easier.....

By Morgan Sliff 

You’re sitting in front of a screen – lit world map feeling restless.  You want to plan your feet somewhere new for a bit, score some good waves, and reward yourself with a little adventure.  Hawaii?  Not to knock it, but been there, done that.

Your eyes keep darting across the map.  Maybe you’ve never been out of the country.  Or maybe your travel experiences have been a bit blurred by crowed beaches in front of your standard luxury chain hotel.



Your eyes skim across these odd-shaped, tiny countries in Central America.  Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama….. the list goes on.  Looks interesting. You might think back to overheard tales of untrodden beaches and flawless waves that only few have seen.  Now you start the onerous process of flight research, transport inquiries, and becoming a devoted swell – tracking student of surf spots and coastlines – not to mention the million tabs of different resort options littering your monitor.

Then you shut your laptop and reach for a drink because it’s information overload.  Maybe you’ll take a look at it again next week.  Or next year.  Lets face it.... we’ve all been there. 

The beauty of AST is the complete and total absence of all that clutter.  Pick a place.  Check out the season.  Book.  Shred.



We want you to be explorers.  We want to show you things we’ve seen.  We want to give you a wave-filled and cultural experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  And we want to make it ridiculously easy for you, so you can soak it all in sans worries.  Flight, transport, gourmet food, beach, boat transfers to breaks, knowledgeable guides with you every step of the way, and dozens of little havens of barely touched reefs, points, and beaches are waiting for you with a few clicks.

So, when your ready to shut your screen - when you're ready to hand it over to professionals waiting to show you a good time - lets go South.


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