Why El Salvador is Becoming the Hottest Spot for Surfing Enthusiasts

Surfing is a passion

Surfing is a passion, a love for many, which can be highly electrifying as well as treacherous. The exhilarating, abundant waves are the ultimate plaything for a surfer. Scoring the ultimate barreling waves is the desired passion for avid surfers, who love to scale off-the-beaten-path for a thrilling & memorable experience.

What surf spots excite a surfer the most?

For the eventual experience of delight, the best surf spot is the one where all the crucial elements meet: tides, wind, direction, swell & seafloor. Wind impacts the surfing wave quality, whilst its potency & interplay with tides, swell direction, along with ocean floor status are the reasons which decide the wave’s condition.

No Wet Suit – Hit the waves – All at inexpensive ways

Having the ultimate surf experience of your lifetime doesn’t mean you have to shell out pretty penny. There are inexpensive measures and spots to dwell the high flows, which gives astounding amusement for a surfing adventurer. Some of the best surf spots can be found in El Salvador, which has become a hit amongst surfing enthusiasts in the recent times, owing to its passionate waves, vibrant atmosphere, and amazing climatic condition.

El Salvador – Paradise for every surfer

The Central American nation nestled between Guatemala and Honduras in the Pacific is a delight for every sea sport adventurer. The natural tourist attraction, El Salvador is increasingly becoming the favorite spot for surfers from across the globe, for reasons detailed below:

Waves nature in El Salvador

The surfing professionals and enthusiasts have been awed by the natural beauty and remarkable surfing condition in the nation. It offers amazing, user-friendly waves, which are plain, simple and rippable.

Surf Spots in El Salvador

The Pacific coastline is divided into two different surf zones, East Coast Waves & West Coast Waves. Amongst the most consistent surfing environments in the world, El Salvador surf spots include world famous names, Las Flores, Sunzal, El Zonte, and La Liberated.

Remarkable Point Breaks

Fulfilling the desire of a natural footer’s dream of surfing vacation, the Pacific coastline of El Salvador has over a dozen outstanding, world-class left and right point breaks.

What makes surfing in these zones amazing?

El Salvador surfing zones are known to hold some of the biggest swells offered by Pacific Ocean. Most of the waves can reach more than 100-200 yards without closing out, which makes surfing a truly enthralling experience.

Swell Season

The best swell season is March to October, which also parallels with rainy season. You can expect consistent, very big and clean waves of up to 12 feet, especially south swells. During this period, the condition is so favorable that sometimes you can surf for all day long. Apart from this time, the other months also provide good surf conditions minus some inconsistencies, along with good water temperature; so you can expect to tour round the year.

Word of caution

For your surf tour here, make sure to look for rocky points, and so carry your booties to get in and out at these points.


Not just for advanced surfers, but beginner surfers…

Not just for advanced surfers, but beginner surfers too should look to soak in the experience of this incredible surfing destination. Get tips from a professional surfer or practice your skills at a surf school to master this captivating sport and swell through the friendly and mesmerizing Pacific waves.

El Salvador Surf  Tour

El Salvador surf tour will leave you engrossed with an amazing life-time experience. It is not without a reason why so many surfing professionals and experts consider this as one of the best surfing spots, which is mesmerizing and inviting.



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