What is your name?

Amanda Callaghan @USroxygirl

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Physical Therapist, mother to a 17 month old girl, and love the outdoors. Skiing is my passion and I love backcountry skiing. I like to travel, but it is usually a hard sell for me to travel somewhere not snowy in the winter.

Where are you from?

North Lake Tahoe

What camp(s) did you visit?

El Salvador Los Flores location

Why did you decide to come to El Salvador?

My friend and I wanted to do a girls trip but we wanted to do something active and get some sunshine.

What’s your surfing level?


What were your expectations before coming here?

To have fun and be able to relax.

Did you have any concerns before coming?

Any concerns about traveling in the country when not familiar and if it was safe for two women was alleviated when we read about the package and the reviews. If there was not transfers from the airport, I would have been worried about how to coordinate all of that.

What was your favorite experience/activity here?

I loved that it was a small hotel and you get to know the other guests and staff. It makes it feel like you are on a trip with a bunch of friends that just want to have adventures together. The sunset surf session was great. While it may not have been my best surfing, just being out there as the sun was setting and catching those vivid colors was so beautiful.

What was your favorite memory here?

Catching the catfish on the side of the boat with the captain's netted backpack when we were doing the island tour. It just seems unbelievable but it happened!

What advice do you have for future guests?

We did a 5 day stay but if you can swing it, it is definitely worth doing a longer trip.

If you could make up one quote right now that everyone in the world would hear, what would it be?

I do not have a quote, but I would like to say something to the mom's that have little ones. It is OKAY to take time for yourself and do things without your baby. This surf trip is a great way to bring back that adventure, take time to relax, and reflect on yourself. Never let someone tell you it is selfish, because it just helps you keep sanity and keep being a great mother.


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