What is your name?


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a fresh graduate from the University of Washington as a Psychology B.S., and I work as a Product Researcher for Philips Sonicare. I am also a music enthusiast, and enjoy watching films. I am have also developed a habit in longboard surfing this past year.

Where are you from?

Seattle, WA

What camp(s) did you visit?

El Salvador, Las Flores and La Libertad

Why did you decide to come to El Salvador?

I decided to come to El Salvador because I have always wanted to explore not only the area, but also the incredible beaches. I have nothing but good things on the surfing culture in the area, and I wanted to experience it for myself.

What’s your surfing level?

I would say I am a beginning surfer, however I am getting better each time I go surfing. I have fairly good balance standing up as well. I need to work on reading the waves more.

What were your expectations before coming here?

I expected to improve a lot more in my surfing, and to catch some spectacular waves with great views. I got it all and more.

Did you have any concerns before coming?

I did, mostly because of the area. I had concerns about my safety before coming there, hearing about it through the news. However, it was quite different. I felt very safe the entire trip, and never felt like I was in danger.

What was your favorite experience/activity here?

Surfing and playing dominos. Talking with the locals and learning about the life and culture of El Salvador.

What was your favorite memory here?

The nights we stayed up playing dice! It was a really great bonding experience and to get to know the other surfers around.

What advice do you have for future guests?

You will be surrounded with caring and knowledgeable staff at AST. Make the most of their service. Get up, get out and enjoy the water.

If you could make up one quote right now that everyone in the world would hear, what would it be?

Live in the moment, and show the world what you got.


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