Suzi Paine

What is your name?

Suzi Paine @ladyspaine

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I like to take photos, surf, read, travel, and play music

Where are you from?

Redondo Beach, CA

What camp(s) did you visit?

La Barra Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Why did you decide to come to El Salvador?

It seemed like it would be a really good time, and Morgan and Brendan convinced me.

What’s your surfing level?

Amateur. Super amateur.

What were your expectations before coming here?

I was excited but nervous!

Did you have any concerns before coming?

That the waves would be too big and I’d hurt myself

What was your favorite experience/activity here?

Surfing El Transito, yoga in the mornings, and lying in the hammock with a book and a Tona in the afternoon.

What was your favorite memory here?

There are so many…. But story night always stands out in my mind! (Thanks Jen :D)

What advice do you have for future guests?

Bring lots of sunscreen, a ding repair kit, and when you get hot, just jump in the water!

If you could make up one quote right now that everyone in the world would hear, what would it be?

“Don’t go volcano boarding during the windy season”


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