What is your name?

Tera Mathis KettlebellSynergies

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

am a momma. I am a gym owner and trainer and help women and men in my community get healthy and strong. I am adventurous and love to explore and try new things.

Where are you from?

I live in a small rural community in the corner of Northeast Iowa. No stop lights and lots of gravel dirt roads.

What camp(s) did you visit?

Punta Flores

Why did you decide to come to El Salvador?

I have surfed a handful of times in Mexico. It was very commercialized and not much instruction. I had been looking for a surf camp for about 2 years but was scared to go. I found a package for AST Punta Flores on The Clymb website. I asked my friend Andreya if she would go with me. She said YES and we did it!

What’s your surfing level?

Beginner. I have surfed before in Mexico but never had much instruction.

What were your expectations before coming here?

I knew it was a very poor country and I wasn't expecting a fancy resort. In my mind it was a surf "hostel". That is why I chose it. I wanted a truer experience for my surfing education.

Did you have any concerns before coming?

I had a lot of people concerned for me:) I didn't really bother with letting the negative thoughts burry me. I was asked a lot by others about my safety and sharks. But I chose not to let it drag me down and worry me.

What was your favorite experience/activity here?


What was your favorite memory here?

The spiritual connection with my God and my self when I was on the water.

What advice do you have for future guests?

Embrace the quiet and peaceful ness of this magical place. It can change you if you are open to it.

If you could make up one quote right now that everyone in the world would hear, what would it be?

Hmm.... Figure out what you want in life and then do it. It is scary. There will be fear. Don't let that stop you and you will be rewarded with some amazing experiences.


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