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Surf Tour Bocas del Toro Islands Panama

AST Adventures is located in the Caribbean Islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama, a unique island archipelago serving up every type of wave imaginable including a world class left hand point break, two A frame reef breaks, and of course some heavy beach breaks and slabs. Bocas del Toro’s tropical allure and variety of waves is irresistible for all types of surfers and its nightlife and local cuisine never fails to impress.

Get lost in the Caribbean with our local partners Mono Loco Surf School and Give & Surf, a local non-profit that provides education to indigenous communities. A percentage of all trips goes towards their continued education scholarship fund!

Bocas del Toro is a tropical island oasis located on the Caribbean waters near the border of Costa Rica. It boasts seven plus months of consistent head high plus waves with minimal crowds and pristine conditions. Our packages offer a variety of options including all-inclusive surf tours to over a dozen surf spots and oceanfront accommodations for all.


Our VIP and Premium packages cover all your surfing and vacation desires from the second you arrive at the airport until all your memories are made. The best local guides Bocas del Toro has to offer will be with you from start to finish making you feel right at home.

Your accommodations are in the middle of the action in the nicest oceanfront hotel Bocas town has to offer. The location is perfect to end your days overlooking the Caribbean followed by eating out at the best restaurants Bocas has to offer.

Humming Bird

Surf & Sleep

Surfing The Island of Bocas del Toro, Panama

A lush tropical paradise like Bocas del Toro offers a variety of epic waves and a lot of them. Over a dozen waves are within a 20 minute boat or car ride. The key to scoring these spots is having a guide point you in the right direction.

Top waves in this area include a world class left point break, two A frame reef breaks, two left hand barrels, a right slab, three beach breaks, and a few best kept secrets. Another plus is there is never more than a 1 foot tide difference so waves are always on offer with favorable winds!




  • Performance:  5 Stars
  • Direction: NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All tides
  • Wave Size:  2-8″+


  • Performance:  5 Stars
  • Direction:  NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All tides
  • Wave Size:  3-8″+


  • Performance:  5 Stars
  • Direction:  NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All tides
  • Wave Size:  4-8″


  • Performance:  4 Stars
  • Direction:  NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All Tides
  • Wave Size:  1-4″+

Tiger Tails:

  • Performance:  4 Stars
  • Direction:  NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All Tides
  • Wave Size:  2-7″+

Wizards Beach:

  • Performance:  3 Stars
  • Direction:  NW, N, E, ENE
  • Tide:  All Tides
  • Wave Size:  2-6″+


Best way to get there:

Fly into Panama City and take a 1 hour flight from Panama-Albrook Airport to Bocas del Toro with Air Panama. Redeye flights work great as well as spending some time in Panama City on either end of your trip to enjoy this colorful city. Another option is to arrive via San Jose, Costa Rica by land or air with Nature Air.

Who will pick me up at the airport?:

Our AST surf guides will be at the Bocas del Toro airport upon arrival and provide transport to your accommodations and an orientation of town and plans for your stay. The tourism authority charges $3 upon arrival in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

I am surfed out, what else can I do?:

Bocas del Toro has no short of amazing places to see and activities to do. Your guides can help coordinate all of the following: ATV rental and island exploring, zip lining, cave tour, island tours, snorkel expeditions, scuba diving, and more.

Can I travel solo?:

Premium and VIP solo traveling is on a case by case basis depending on other bookings to the same location as private boat and car transport requires at least two travelers.

Standard solo travelers are welcomed any time!

What type of food should I expect to eat?:

VIP and Premium package guests will be treated to the best local and international cuisine offerings Bocas has to offer. This includes local seafood, Caribbean inspired meals, and international options like Sushi, Indian, Thai, and Mexican. Any entrée item can be purchased at any of the restaurants.

Standard package guests appetites are filled with big portions of local food and hearty meals from a number of different restaurants. Up to $12/entree can be spent plus a non-alcoholic beverage.

Is there internet access?

Yes internet is complimentary at all accommodations.

Health information?

Outside of normal immunizations no vaccinations are necessary. There is a hospital on the main island that can take care of basic needs. Precautions should be made for over exposure to sun.

Can I cancel my trip?

You may cancel your trip within 60 days of arrival but you will lose the deposit amount. If you cancel your trip within 30 day of arrival the entire balance will be lost without the purchase of travel insurance.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Always a great idea to purchase travel insurance to cover any expenses for air and surf resort fees: Purchasing Travel Insurance is always a great option to protect yourself from trip cancellations, lost luggage and medical emergencies. Trip insurance can be purchased online on our booking page or through our travel agents at the booking office at AST U.S.A.


Out of the Water

* PASSPORT /& copy *

1. Airline Tickets plus copy
2. Cash (credit cards are rarely accepted)
3. Comb or brush (optional)
4. Contact Lens Kit
5. Deodorant
6. Ding Repair/Sun Cure Resin
7. Drivers License plus copy
8. Eyeglasses
9. Long Sleeve T-Shirt
10. Moisturizer (optional)
11. Mosquito Repellant with DHT
12. Multi-board travel bag
13. Nail Clippers (optional)
14. Pain Medicine (optional)
15. Light weight Pants (1)
16. First Aid Kit
17. Sandals
18. Shaving Kit
19. Shoes
20. Socks
21. Sun Hat
22. Sunglasses
23. Sunscreen
24. Surf Towel
25. Toothbrush and toothpaste
26. Travel backpack
27. Waterproof jacket


In the Water

1. Surfboards (3 boards in one board bag)
2. Leashes (3)
3. Extra leash tethers
4. Fin Sets
5. Extra fin keys and screws
6. Long Sleeve Rash guard (optional)
7. Spring Suit (optional)
8. Board shorts (2-3 pairs)
9. Wetsuit Top (optional but recommended)
10. Wax

Bring A Smile

Indonesia Style Waves in the Caribbean of Panama


  • 5 Night Surf and Stay


  • 7 night surf tour


  • 7 night Surf and Yoga



Bocas del Toro - Panama


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