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7 night surf tour



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Imagine being a surf tour pioneer crystal clear Colombia surf, surrounded by lush, green jungles, surfing uncrowded waves without anyone in sight as far as you can see. This is more than just a figment of your imagination, because the El Cantil eco lodge in Colombia offers all of these things; yes, you read that correctly – Colombia! It’s time to forget all of the negative rumors that you’ve always associated with this South American gem, because this beautiful country has rebuilt its reputation, and its small, virtually untouched Pacific coastline just near the small town of Nuqui is calling your name! This eco lodge is tucked into the jungle just along the coastline, and is so sustainably maintained that it nearly blends right into its surroundings. The area is remote and essentially untouched, so you couldn’t dream up a more serene getaway even if you tried!

Your Colombia surf tour will make you a pioneer of sorts on your next surf trip, for the surf breaks nearby make for some of the best surf spots and surfing in the world, and while many of the locals don’t even know how to find them, you’ll get to surf them! These uncrowded waves are a bit off the beaten path, but the guides will get you there safely and cater to whatever level of surfing each guest is comfortable with. These surf spots are teeming with wildlife, the lush greenery of the jungle overflowing onto the pristine beaches, providing the most epic backdrop imaginable as you catch the wave of your life. Built on environmentally conscious principles, this slice of untouched paradise, complete with roaring waves, phenomenal scenery, and authentic wildlife, El Cantil is an experience you can’t afford to miss for the surf vacation of a lifetime!


The lush, green jungles of Nuqui hug the remote shoreline of the Pacific Coast of Colombia, and tucked into that exotic scenery is a serene, sustainable surfer’s haven. El Cantil eco lodge offers the perfect slice of paradise to those travelers looking for an authentic, peaceful getaway, and the pristine wildlife surrounding this sustainable stop is the way to do it! The remoteness of the area does not only apply to the jungle, but to the water as well, for the surf breaks around Nuqui are a bit off the beaten track, and many locals don’t even know about them! The uncrowded waves are diamonds in the rough, but with the help of the local guides at El Cantil, you can discover some of the best surf spots in the world, making this the ultimate Colombia surf vacation!

El Cantil offers local guides to take you on tours of the gorgeous surrounding wildlife, from jungle hikes to kayak rides, providing an authentic taste of all that this beautiful coastline of Colombia has to offer! This taste of Colombian culture goes a step further in the form of the amazing food served in the beautiful dining area, where they serve fresh, local seafood and other authentic dishes – and they also cater to those with vegan or vegetarian inclinations! Complete with surf lessons for all levels, amazing wildlife at your fingertips, and a serene, ecologically friendly and welcoming place to stay, the El Cantil eco lodge will provide the perfect experience for your next Colombia surf trip!


While surfing Colombia you will have a local wave just about 10 minute walk down the beach for local surfing. This is not a world class wave and faces northwest but if traveling during strong Northern Hemisphere season, you can catch some epic surf at this local wave with wave lines as far as you can see. All surfing will be by boat, you will get plenty of water time each day as long as you can handle the heat so prepare to protect yourself against the sun. The Surf Tours start as soon as the sun comes up and sets, but we always want you back prior to sunset for dinner seating.

Surfing Colombia will be your maiden voyage to a part of South America most surfers would never think of doing but the days of the Cartels are long gone. AST Adventures will be the first company to list this amazing and remote coast for surfing tours and surf eco adventures. Our partner a Colombian and national surfer for Colombia will be your host, and insure you are scoring the best waves possible during your surf tour.


Surfing Colombia for beginners is best between the months of October to March, these are perfect days to learn to surf, take a surf school package or just go to learn more about this amazing location and country. We have complete local knowledge of all the surf breaks, our guides will ensure you are scoring the best possible waves during your Colombia surf tour.



We offer guided tours of varying levels depending on your comfort and skill, including hikes through the surrounding lush rainforest, providing our guests with the opportunity to learn all about the local nature and wildlife, from the trees to the natural freshwater pools and streams. We also offer speed boat tours and provide rentals and lessons for those who wish to snorkel, kayak, paddle board, and of course, Colombia surf.


The risk of malaria is lower than ever, and to ensure your comfort, we have mosquito nets in every room, which an employee will come to set up over your bed every evening. There are also options of vaccinations and medications that you can take before your arrival or throughout your stay to take more preventative measures.


Our dining area and common areas offer internet access to guests when needed, but while in your room or the surrounding area, the El Cantil staff emphasizes taking a break from electronics and appreciating the natural beauty of the Colombia surf.


The meals are all family style, consisting of local dishes prepared fresh just for you! The meals will not overlap throughout the length of your stay, and typically are mainly fresh, local fish dishes. However, we are sympathetic to any allergies as well as gluten free or vegetarian preferences. If you happen to have any such inclinations, just let us know at the time of your booking, or give us at least a week or two notice before your arrival and we will be happy to meet your diet requirements!


The hotel has 110W electric power in the restaurant where you will be able to recharge your batteries between 6 – 10 pm. This energy is created by a Pelton micro turbine generator, which produces the smallest possible impact on our environment. The rest of the hotel has oil lamps which give the ambiance a romantic and warm feeling.


The summer months (dry season) are usually January, February, March, and mid – August. The rest of the year is the rainy season, which is strongest between October and early December. Colombia’s Pacific coast is a region with high rainfall, which is directly responsible for the endless amounts of tropical species of flora and fauna. Of course, the rain shouldn’t hinder those who come to rest, share with nature, enjoy sports fishing, enjoy Colombia surf, or whale watching.


We offer several different packages to meet your travel needs, whether it be a family surf vacation, a solo surf tour, a nature loving adventure seeker, or just somebody looking for some peace and quiet! We have a whale watching package which includes taking our guests out onto our personal speed boats to inform you all about the different whales in the area; the best time to utilize this option is during whale season, which in Nuqui starts in early June and lasts through October. We also offer varying surf packages, one being for those who are experienced and want to explore all of the epic, secret breaks with the help of a guide; the other package is for those who are looking to learn how to surf in the local, uncrowded beaches with the help of our experienced instructors. If you are looking to give your kids an unforgettable experience, we offer a summer camp package that includes up to two weeks of activities that teach your kids how to surf, provide a deeper appreciation of nature, and adventures with our tour guides. One of our very popular packages is the honeymoon package, during which our staff will see to it that you get the experience of a lifetime, from a decorated room with flowers and a bottle of wine upon arrival, to a romantic, private meal with a view. Our packages are all designed to meet the accommodations that you are looking to experience on your ideal Colombia Surf Tour.


It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can make your payments through credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, or American Express. You also have the option to make a national or international bank transfer, or even pay online.


Your main flight will take you to the Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin, where you will then board another, much smaller flight to bring you to Nuqui. These flights departing from Medellin are approximately 40 minutes as you enter the jungle. Upon arrival in Colombia, a representative of El Cantil’s staff will welcome you at the airport in Nuqui, confirm your return flights, and take you right to our speed boat for only about 15 minutes, on which you will embark towards your exotic destination, El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel.


Out of the Water

* PASSPORT /& copy *

1. Airline Tickets plus copy
2. Cash (credit cards are rarely accepted)
3. Comb or brush (optional)
4. Contact Lens Kit
5. Deodorant
6. Ding Repair/Sun Cure Resin
7. Drivers License plus copy
8. Eyeglasses
9. Long Sleeve T-Shirt
10. Moisturizer (optional)
11. Mosquito Repellant with DHT
12. Multi-board travel bag
13. Nail Clippers (optional)
14. Pain Medicine (optional)
15. Light weight Pants (1)
16. First Aid Kit
17. Sandals
18. Shaving Kit
19. Shoes
20. Socks
21. Sun Hat
22. Sunglasses
23. Sunscreen
24. Surf Towel
25. Toothbrush and toothpaste
26. Travel backpack
27. Waterproof jacket


In the Water

1. Surfboards (3 boards in one board bag)
2. Leashes (3)
3. Extra leash tethers
4. Fin Sets
5. Extra fin keys and screws
6. Long Sleeve Rash guard (optional)
7. Spring Suit (optional)
8. Board shorts (2-3 pairs)
9. Wetsuit Top (optional but recommended)
10. Wax

Bring A Smile


There are varying details depending on what package you choose, but all of our packages include: – Welcome at the Nuqui airport – Speed boat transfer from the airport in Nuqui to El Cantil and back to the airport (travelling along the coast with life vests for each passenger – Lodging in comfortable rooms with private bathroom, beds with mosquito nets, built – in wardrobe, and a terrace with an ocean view – Guided walks to the Waterfall of Love and along the beach to Termales – All meals are included (we have an exquisite seafood menu) – Hotel insurance – Souvenir – Taxes (IVA)


We offer Travel Guard Insurance, we highly recommend purchasing this insurance it covers your flights and our surf resort fees: Purchasing Travel Insurance is always a great option to protect yourself from trip cancellations, lost luggage and medical emergencies. Trip insurance can be purchased online on our booking page or through our travel agents at the booking office at AST U.S.A.

Choco Colombia


“Vacation of your life!”

What a place! Beautiful location, great setting and the friendliest and most caring staff that you will find! Great nature experience, amazing jungle hikes, very good surfing for all skill levels, amazing food (breakfast, lunch & dinner). 

Benjamin T


Went to this eco-lodge for whale watching. The place is just amazing, wonderful service since I got down the plane; local and delicious food, quiet place, relaxing… The whale watching experience is a must do. Also the hotel has other activities such as trekking, surf, kayak and paddle. All the cabins and restaurant has ocean view.

Ejeo | Colombia

“An amazing experience”

This place was a dream! Even better than we even imagined! Beautifully designed individual huts, down to the last detail (like the location of taps at the entrance of each hut to wash your feet from sand as you enter, or a clever way to hang two hammocks up so both of us could sit side by side). Located around a clearing in the dense rain forest.

Sarah | Melbourne Australia


  • 5 night surf tour single


  • 7 night surf tour single


  • 5 night surf tour


  • 7 night surf tour


  • 5 night 3+ surfers


  • 7 night 3+ surfers



Choco - Colombia


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