10 Best Places to Surf in the World

“Best” is a subjective word across the board.  The hard definition of best is “of the highest quality,” not just a, but the superior entity of whatever matter is on the table.  Best dessert on the planet?  Churros are the prodigal sweets in my mind’s eye, but a devoted ice cream fanatic would have a good spar with me over that.

When it comes to waves, “best” vacillates between individuals desired lengths, sizes, shapes, and varying tube to roll ratio’s.  So how can there be a perfect spot that caters to every surfer’s standards as well as capabilities?  

There's a confluence of factors we all can agree on that build an arguably perfect wave.  Length of ride, direction and strength of the dreaded W word (wind), size, degrees of solitude, scenery beyond the actual wave, and the assurance that there is a cold bevvie steps from the beach at the end of a long session (the latter being of great importance).

So with everyone's best interests in mind, we've put together a list of 10 waves.  Our best waves. Maybe your best waves. Maybe not your best waves.  But definitely top-tier, best-session-of-your-life potential.  Assuredly, these are all gems that should be surfed in your lifetime.  


Best Places To Surf In Nicaragua

1. Nicaragua's Best Surf Spots - Pretty Much Anywhere

Nicaragua, for it's minimally developed coastline littered with barely touched barrels, mix of short slabs, long point breaks, and constant streams of all - day offshore wind, is at the top of our list.  Not yet fully - fledged at the center of the surf map, Nicaragua is the perfect quiet getaway for those wanting some gloriously uncrowded sessions.  Best hurry, before the rest of the world finds out.


Laniakea Hawaii

2. Laniakea, Hawaii - The Best Place to Surf & Get a Tan

People flock from all over to marvel at Hawaii's legendary North Shore waves.  There's no doubt Oahu's 7 mile stretch is the most exalted surf area on the planet, and Laniakea is one of the few actual point breaks on the North Shore, holding size anywhere from waist high to triple overhead.  Every so often, a tight angled N swell will connect each of its separate peaks for a straight shot down the line of liquid glory - providing the longest ride imaginable on the North Shore.


mentawais islands best places to surf

3. The Ultimate Surf Spot in Indonesia - Mentawais Islands

Looking for power, consistency, tranquility, and mack - worthy slabs?  The Mentawais, a speckled chain of 70 plus islands off the coast of Sumatra, is a must - go on the surf spectrum.  Charter boats will putt you around staples like Lance's Right and Macaroni's, but a good captain, like our partners at King Millennium, knows the hush - hush gems at the next island over, making minimally traversed wave - of - your - life high on the realm of possibilities in the Mentawais.


Best places to surf in Ek Salvador

4. Best Places to Surf in El Salvador - No Crowds!

Central America's smallest country is a mighty wave machine.  Surfing El Salvador will is sure to exceed your surfspectations, with world-class point breaks littering the country from East to West.  Las Flores, the surf jewel of El Salvador, boasts a nearly 200 yard long right point break, and Punta Roca, a fast, hollow slab in the heart of La Libertad (a mere 30 minutes from the airport), will have you sitting pretty in the shade for ages.


5. Mundaka, Spain - The Best European Wave

Mundaka is not for the faint-hearted surfer, but if you feel up for a challenge, the super - steep drops and speedy sections are sure to get your stoke meter topped off.  Mundaka's adjacent river mouth is a primary factor in adding to the shape of this long, punchy left, and the magical little fishing town's fresh catch of the day will be primo fuel for your hours spent mastering this wave.


6. Superbank, Australia - The Most Infamous Wave

Superbank is an accidental amalgamate of waves from Snapper rocks to Kirra, with Rainbow Bay and Greenmount linking the chain - the highly exceptional set having the ability to connect through the entire way (Damon Harvey garnering a 4 minute ride from Snapper to Kirra).  Initial dredging in 2001 was aimed toward increased boat safety, but the result of it all was 20 second tubes, and longer than ever rides.  The Gold Coast in Australia abound with highly regarded surf breaks, but Superbank is a stand out on our list of bests.  


7. Scorpion Bay, Baja Mexico - Best Surfing spot for Post Wave Beers

About a 700 mile drive down Baja is a somewhat barren place that houses a set of waves that will cater to just about any surfer's lust for the ultimate session.  Divided up into four main points of varying degrees of difficulty, Scorpion Bay is worth the arduous travel.  With few accommodation options plus some camping, a well - planned trip can surely satisfy you and your group of frothy friends.


Best Surf Tour in Fiji

8. Fiji - Ultimate Surf and Stay Destination

Fiji and Namotu island brings you to the home of the highly revered Restaurants and Cloudbreak , and when you're surfed out, the slow - pace of "Fiji time" will sink you far into the serene little island.


9. Chicama, Peru - The Best Place to Get Surfed Out

In the running for the longest wave in the world, Chicama is an obvious stand out.  The actual stretch of peaks run 2.5 miles long, and although nobody has proven to connect through all of those points, the diversity and consistency of Chicama has cemented it as one of the true wonders of the surfing world.


The best surf spot Samoa

10. Samoa - The Best Secret Surf Spot

Take the brawn and power of Hawaii, the crystal clear, hollow perfection of Indonesia, mix in a zero - crowd factor, and you maybe get somewhat close to what Samoa has locked away. We're giving you a surf secret. And that secret is Samoa.  You're welcome.



Did you go to any of the mentioned spots and score your best wave ever?  We want to hear about it.  Leave a comment or contact us so we can share your story.

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