5 Reasons You'll Be Packing Your Bags For Colombia Immediately

 By Morgan Sliff

When you're getting into surf trip mode, Colombia isn't the most common place your mind darts to.  There's Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mex, Indo, but the stretches of coastline - like those at El Cantil Eco Lodge - that are a little more hidden away are the ones you should be seeking out.  And here's a list of reason's why.



1. You’ll Be Able To Brag to Your Friends That You Surfed With a Whale

Colombia is a biodiverse hotspot.  Peak Whale season typically runs June – October, but your bound to catch a couple humpbacks whenever you go.  The jungly coastline is a keeper of colorful birds, plentiful marine life, and critters you may have never seen before.  Besides the animals, the flora and fauna is enough to keep you in a “oh-my-god-everything-is-so-beautiful” trance.





2.  The Lineup Isn't Overrun With A Million Surfers

Stacks of Billabong and Ripcurl shops lining the streets?  You won't find many here.  Unlike Costa Rica and other surf hotspots (which have turned into overrun surf meccas where people flock like bees to honey to paddle into overcrowded lineups that host moderately good surf), there are still those hidden gems where you can escape with a couple friends, your boards, and feel like you’re the only people on the planet surfing an epic wave.  Colombia is one of those places.  





3.  Coco Loco’s – ‘Nuff Said

Every trip you go on, traditional food is a must – try.  So are the traditional drinks.  A few heavy – handed Coco Locos from a friendly bartender at El Cantil Eco Lodge are guaranteed to keep you flowing along in vacation mode.






4. Sustainability 

Nestled in the hills of the Nuqui jungle, El Cantil is so complimentary to it’s surroundings that you’d pass it if you didn’t have a trusty surf guide courtesy of AST.  The Nuqui and surrounding areas of Colombia are focused on sustainable tourism, and go the extra mile to make sure the nature you're experiencing when you get there keeps thriving.






5. Relaxation Station

Leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf.  Nuqui is a small fishing village rich with a small eco tourism base.  Most of the sounds you will hear are birds and ocean – so come prepared to escape the loud, boisterous urban jungle and surf, eat, drink, sleep, repeat.



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