Megan Seth Shares Her Las Flores Experience


Megan Seth is a rising surf star out of the South Bay, California.  She recently won a trip to AST Las Flores with her best friend Ashley and her dad, Lifeguard Captain Tom Seth.  Get to know Megan and her perspective of the property and waves of Las Flores.

Age: 15

Hometown: Manhattan Beach

Home Break:  Manhattan Beach Pier



Tell us a little bit about yourself.  What are your passions?  What was life like growing up?

I have always loved the beach, but wasn’t always into surfing.  I was pushed into my first wave when I was 3, but it wasn’t until I was about 11 when I began to really start surfing. When I was 13, I signed up for my first surf contest, The South Bay Boardriders, and I had so much fun that I signed up for every contest of that season.


How much does surfing play a role in your life?

Surfing is my favorite thing to do and I surf almost everyday.  I love being at the beach with my friends, and I know that surfing will be something I can do for the rest of my life.


What are some things you are involved in at school and home?

I am a freshman at Mira Costa High school and just began the Model United Nations program.  Other than surfing, I like to do Junior Guards in the summer and I hope to be a cadet next year.



Who or what inspired you to start surfing?

My dad was the reason I began surfing.  He pushed me into my first wave when I was little and has been inspiring to me ever since.  My dad has always encouraged me to grow and improve and I cannot be thankful enough for him.


When did you decide to go to El Salvador?  Who did you travel with, and how long was your trip?

After the end of the South Bay Boardriders series last year, I won the trip to El Salvador after winning the Junior and Open Women's divisions. I went for about a week in early August with my dad and my best friend, Ashley.


Where had you traveled before that?

Before going to El Salvador, I had been on a few surf trips, including to Costa Rica and Mexico.



When you got to Las Flores, what was it like?  Can you briefly describe the area for us?

We landed at the airport in San Salvador and drove about two hours to Las Flores.  Part of the drive was through the town, but AST was separate from the more localized area and directly above the point break.  It was so awesome being able to stay right on the beach and waking up so close to the water every morning to surf.  Another wave that was a little heavier, Punta Mango, was about 20 minutes away by boat was also really fun!


What was the surf like in general when you were there?

The surf was amazing while we were there and I had so much fun.  We would wake up just before sunrise each morning and paddle out.  In the afternoon the tide got a little too high, but in the mornings until noon and at sunset were always perfect with little to no wind.



What’s the most memorable experience you had staying at AST Las Flores?

I loved meeting everyone at AST and getting to surf such great waves all day.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to surf Punta Mango while there was swell and it was super hollow.


What else did you guys do besides surfing?

We mostly surfed on the trip, but besides that we explored the shore by the surf spot and found some small caves by the rocks.



Were you at all nervous about going to El Salvador?

We were a little concerned because we heard a lot about crime statistics in El Salvador, but we were told that was mainly in the bigger cities, such as San Salvador.  We went to Las Flores, which was much more mellow and we felt extremely safe.


What was your favorite thing that you ate at the resort?

The most common food served in El Salvador are called pupusas.  They had them where we stayed and they were so good!



Many people are hesitant to travel to El Salvador - women surfers are traveling by themselves in increasing numbers lately, and some avoid the country entirely.  Can you give us some insight into the area and surrounding community there?

Since we used AST, we were picked up from the airport by a knowledgeable guide who took us straight to the resort. The AST resort and its surrounding were very safe, and we didn’t travel much because we had everything we needed there. The fishing village, which was about a half mile away, seemed very safe also.


Do you have any general advice for people traveling there for the first time?

I would definitely recommend for people traveling to El Salvador to go to AST because of how safe it is. 


Would you go back?

Of course! I would love to go back to AST Las Flores.  The weather and surf was amazing and the people were all so nice. It was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.



Who do you look up to in the surfing community?

I’ve always looked up to my dad since he taught me to surf and cares so much about my improvement.  Leila Hurst has also been very inspiring to me.  I love surfing with her and I hope to be as talented as her some day.


What are your plans for the future as far as surfing?

I want to continue surfing for the rest of my life and keep improving.  I also love competing and hope to go to some WSA contests next season and continue in my school’s league.



What are your education goals?

After high school I want to attend a four-year university.  I’m not sure what school I want to go to yet, but I have always made education a top priority and plan to do so in the future.


Where will Megan Seth be in 10 years?

After going to college, I’m not positive what I want to do yet, but I think I want to become an LA County Lifeguard.  I have done Junior Lifeguards every summer since I was 10 years old, and I love learning about the ocean and being able to help others. Since my dad is a lifeguard, I’ve been able to see what it would be like and I would love to follow in his footsteps.  I also plan to continue surfing, of course, because it is my favorite thing to do.




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  • Tom Seth on
    Great article Morgan. What a great surf trip!

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