Best Time to Surf in El Salvador - Seasonal Surf Chart

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Dying to (quite literally) sink into a place with uncrowded lineups, year - round warm water, world class left and right points, and long, smooth rides as far as your ready - to - charge eyes can see?  El Salvador meets this and more, showcasing some of the most consistent surf on the planet.  


So when to visit El Salvador?  Any time of the year you're bound to score, because this wave - riddled, stoke - inducing, sunny and salty hotspot has perfect seasons for everyone.  What are yours?

seasonal surf chart el salvador

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Still thinking about when to surf in El Salvador?  Our advice may not make your problems any easier:  In reviewing the chart, remember that the best time to surf El Salvador could be anytime. May might provide slightly mellower months for those looking for slopey rollers, and the potential for an off - season swell in January is always viable.  Track the conditions, do your research, or how about just forgo all of that and book a trip.


Questions?  Comments?  Want to vent about how much you scored on a recent trip, or how excited you are to score on a future one?  Contact us or leave a comment below - besides actually surfing,we love nothing more than to talk surf.

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