Things to do in El Salvador Part 1: EXPLORE THE WATERFALLS

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While the beaches of El Salvador are abound with watery playgrounds, venturing deeper into its enigmatic lands will uncover another kind of liquid awesomeness.  El Salvador’s waterfalls are tough to match, and these thundering, picturesque beauties will permanently flood your memory banks. It's hard to say you've been to El Salvador, if you've never explored any of the waterfalls.

Here's are some photos from real clients of ours:

"Obviously we came to surf, but visiting the waterfalls was one of the best experiences I've had travelling.  They're almost magical, unreal. I felt like we got lost in time.  Plus the drive there was beautiful and the buggie ride down the mountain was pretty ridiculous in a good way."
- Elizabeth Toney, Seattle, WA (Visited September 2017)

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Experience the Juayua Waterfalls

Tucked away in the quaint mountain town of Juayua (approximately a 2 hour ride from AST La Libertad) are the Chorros de la Calera, a cascading waterfall that layers down into calm, crystal clear pools ready for a disruptive splash.  These falls were purportedly formed after a large earthquake doctored the landscape in 2001, birthing streams down a steep, stony slope.  

The Chorros de la Calera are dead center of the culture - laden Ruta de las Flores, and Juayua in general has more waterfalls than you could possibly see in one trip.  Just a quick hike down from the cascades will uncover more waterfall bounty, and along with the other sights to see and indigenous secrets to uncover, Juayua is bound to keep you mighty refreshed.

 Here's a photo of one of our old surf guides, Adam at Juayua.

ast surf guide waterfall el salvador

Take a picture at the Tamanique Waterfalls

Tamanique waterfalls, conveniently close the town of La Libertad, hold an entire days worth of aqueous amusement.  A moderate hike will put you right in front of fall number one, which gives you a couple of jumping options - the rating scale starting at walk - in - the - park, and elevating quickly to I'd - rather - eat - my - shorts.  On down the hilly path to the remaining goods offer some solid plunges as well, accompanied by deep swimming holes (except for the last one) and crystal clear water.

An uphill hike for the way back might have you break a wee bit of a sweat, so take dive in for another quick dip at the first fall for a refresher before you leave Tamanique waterfalls.


ast guide and waterfall el salvador

But Wait, There's More

More waterfalls to be seen are Los Tercios waterfalls, and Salto El Cubo waterfalls in Suchitoto, located just north of San Salvador.  Los Tercios boasts a spectacular rock formation, and Salto El Cubo is a tall fall with a petite pool cozy enough for you and your group.


If you’re planning taking a tour with AST Adventures or other groups to any of these waterfall hikes in El Salvador, make sure to bring a swimsuit, change of clothes, and be prepared to sweat a bit and have all the fun.  For a douse of info drop us a line, or simply reach out and say hi!  We love all things water.

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