Feast Your Eyes On Nicaragua's Fresh Casa La Barra Surf Resort


la barra surf resort

The alluring cliff our house sits atop in Central Nicaragua wasn’t an aimless choice.  There are reasons we picked that exact spot, on that exact cliff, with that exact view of those rippable waves.


The four perfect waves steps from your hammock, the near-uncrowded lineup compared to Nica’s southern waters, the all-day offshore flow, the charming town abound with friendly locals, and minute details like the serene tienda down the street and jaccuzi-like rock pools across the beach are just a few of the hundreds of reasons we can bombard you with about why we love our little retreat.


la barra surf resort


la barra surf camp



Apart from the surf, what we love most is our big, cozy casa.  And that snug ole’ La Barra surf house just had a mega facelift.  Our blood, sweat, and many, many tears over the last months have ripped this place up and transformed the once humble abode into a radiant beam of surf resort mastery.

If 4 perfect surf breaks steps from our cliffside digs weren't enough, now you’ve got polished suites, a modernized second story yoga and relaxation deck, gleaming bathrooms, a new and improved menu, and designer furniture and flooring for a super surf aesthetic.

The wood is shiny and fresh, and the tiles are cool and ready for sandy feet.  We're boasting a completely re-done indoor bar with a cranked AC and flowing Flor De Cana, and our pristine pool is about ready for a disruptive cannonball.  


la barra surf resort



And worry not - the plentiful hammocks, Luke the Lab, and all our attentive, charismatic staff are all accounted for.  Margelia is stoked on the new kitchen and is cooking up a storm (as if her food could get any better). And they’re all loving the new vibe.


La Barra has always been our treasure.  It’s a gem we feel lucky to have and able to share with you, and the staff at AST regard La Barra as their second home.  Now especially, we are so stoked that our second home has graduated from a charming surf camp to La Barra Surf Resort.


la barra surf resort

Did Someone Say Special?

To kick off Casa La Barra, we're offering $250 off for a non-surfing companion when you book a 7 night surf tour.  Limited to months of May and June.  Contact us at info@astadventures.com to claim your special rate and we'll see you in paradise. 

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