Best Performing Surf Swimwear

Surfing can be one of the hardest sports on the planet to master.  Balancing atop rolling blobs of liquid can take years for anyone to not look like they’re riding a wave and having a seizure simultaneously.  But if you’ve got breasts and a butt, waves tend to mimic the bully in high school always trying to pants you, or your evil sister unclasping your bra at very inopportune moments - giving surfing a unique range of difficulties for women.  Namely, the difficulties of keeping our vaginas covered.  

Surfing in a bikini can get tricky.  Surfers still want to look cute, and the balance between sexy, durable, form-fitting, and things just plain staying where they’re supposed to stay is hard to find.  But, to our glee, there are some companies out there with women that understand the woes of losing your top in the lineup who have developed surf-centric garments that spare nothing on the scale of elegance. 

See the following for our picks of favorite surf bikinis and swimwear, and cheers to no boob-spills!


best swimwear for surfing

 Lido x The Seea

Seea is taking the surf swim market by storm.  Their always-expanding collection of buttery suits and delicate patterns have the girl surf world in an obsessive frenzy - and for good reason.  Seea makes all suits long lasting, with the best quality material, and with cuts that are flattering but don't make you feel like a walking stamp of objectification - and the Lido, with Seea's patented "C-Skin," is one of their top sellers.


best swimwear for surfing

Uncharted Waters x lululemon

The harbingers of women's athleticism themselves, lululemon, have put both our boobs and our minds at ease with this comfy, sexy, and flattering sports-bra swim top.  Giving you a little boost in your cleavage without the scare of a potential pop-out, this is the best top to stay with you through deep duck dives and the worst of wipeouts.  Match things up with the Uncharted Waters bottoms.


best surf swim

Maui Coastal x Duskii

Duskii's claims high-quality neoprene and suits that are built to last for the beginning to experienced surfer, sailor, and all-around active water gal.  And their claims prove mega-true. Duskii's collection of flattering, Bond-esque body-sculpting and bold styles are perfect to add some flare to your paddle, and will hold everything together, giving you a glamourous worry-free sesh.


best surfing bikinis

Sea Lovers x Roxy

Roxy is upping their lady-game with tons of swimwear styles that combine fashion and function.  The sea-lovers crop-top sports a crochet blend for a little extra coverage, and is available in a myriad of pretty colors and prints.  Pair with the Take Me to the Sea bikini bottoms.


Patagonia swimwear

Nanogrip Top x Patagonia

Say sayonara to slip!  The nanogrip top by Patagonia was built meticulously to keep your wet, salty top right where it's supposed to be.  Patagonia had the bustier ladies in mind with this one, as it is highly recommended for anyone sporting a C or D sized bust.  Pair with the Nanogrip Tie-Side Bottoms and rest easy knowing no wave can rip this thing off you!


kea speeds one piece

Speeds x Kea

Hailing from NYC, Kea is a city-meets surf swimwear brand that clings to two words - style and performance.  The Speeds one-piece keeps you locked in, looking modern and ready to slay the surf with style.

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