raveling abroad – especially to Central America – can get you a little worried about your food situation. Every time you go to eat, you think to yourself:

“Is this going to make me sick?”

“Am I going to end up regretting this tomorrow and missing a few or more days of surf?”

Well, it’s time to leave those worries behind you! At the La Barra Surf Camp, every meal is prepped and cooked on site and in the safest way possible. Our cooks know that guests’ stomachs are not used to the same ingredients and methods they would otherwise employ for themselves.

I will start off by saying that the food there is amazing – every meal is unique and delicious, and will undoubtedly leave you full and satisfied. Breakfast can range from an American style breakfast burrito complete with eggs, beans, potatoes, and cheese, complemented with a side of salsa, or banana and strawberry pancakes that melt in your mouth. Breakfast of Champions gets thrown around loosely, but here you really feel like a champion after eating, and even more ready to surf til your arms fall off!

Lunch can entail a massive hamburger with homemade guacamole, chicken and sausage kabobs with vegetables, or even some fresh lobster rounded out with rice and beans.

And believe it or not, the food only gets better and better as the day progresses…

For dinner the best entrees are the breaded fish and vegetables, spaghetti served with garlic bread, and chicken served in a white sauce with vegetables.

No two days will have the same meals; the cooks are armed and ready with a plethora of recipes that will leave you wanting more and more! The worst part of the trip is going home and not having this kind of cooking at your disposal each and every day; their variety of meals blow your one trick pony cooking out of the water!

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