Planning The Perfect Couple’s Getaway…..

What feeling is better than that of being breathtakingly, blissfully in love and starting an adventure for the rest of your lives with that person?

Starting that adventure with that person on a breathtaking, blissful, soul – fulfilling getaway!

What better way to spend your honeymoon – or any trip with your honey – than on a tropical vacation?!

Soaking up some sun, catching world class waves, tasting some authentic cuisine, and exploring historical sites make for an epic time in itself regardless of who you’re with, but why not do so with your partner in crime? Traveling with your significant other not only provides you with the perfect chance to really get to know each other while exploring the unknown, but sticks you outside of your comfort zone in the most comfortable fashion possible – with your partner as your safety net. And while this completely opens up communication in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be attached at the hip throughout the entire trip; there are so many activities that cater to absolutely everyone on an exotic vacation by the sea.

At the mention of “couples surf trip,” there may be some girlfriends already feeling apprehensive in anticipation of their boyfriends asking them to take pictures of them while they surf for days on end; or maybe there are some fellas out there getting a little nervous because they don’t want to face the fact that their chicks shred harder than they can. Maybe you can already hear the ongoing argument as you walk in circles trying to read your upside down map repeating: “Seriously where is our hotel?!”

But there’s no need to worry; true, they say that you don’t really know someone until you’ve traveled together, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You can get to know your partner on a whole new level, and learn a lot about yourself as well. So, before you start arguing over who has the more convincing Spanish accent, here is the perfect guide to planning a getaway with your honey…

First things first, you need to divvy up the water time. If you know that there is swell that you don’t want to miss, and your lady may be less than thrilled to wait for you to finish getting your kicks, you need to think of exactly where you want to stay that will keep you both happy.

Stay somewhere nice – somewhere with distractions. You can both enjoy yourselves even when you’re doing different things. Somewhere that has palm trees and coconuts for her to enjoy a pina colada and catch a tan, making her feel like she’s living on the cover of a postcard.

While you surf, she can bronze herself poolside or dip her toes in the salty, blue sea. A full day can be split so that you can get a full surf tour to some of the most epic, secretive, and overall best places to surf, while she goes on a full day yoga retreat, and you can meet up in time to catch the sunset and get couples massages.

Bring the perfect beach reads. Nothing is quite like escaping reality while on a tropical getaway in an exotic place, but why not take it a step further to enhance this experience by zoning out on a great beach read?! You can completely get into your element and intensify the magic feeling of this vacation by bringing along simple, yet fulfilling feel good summer reads such as Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters, or Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine – or even the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants if you’re really looking for a solo summertime read to zone out on while your man shreds.

Explore. Plan time together to try out new things and get a taste of the new environment! You’re enveloped by a totally new, beautiful atmosphere – so lap your surroundings up! Get reckless together and take a hike through a volcano or go zip-lining through the jungle; learn some new fun facts together and enrich yourselves and each other culturally by checking out the local historical sites – you should even surprise each other and get goofy, authentic souvenirs to present to one another! Grub on the local grub, dance the local dance – just experience every new thing together that you have at your disposal. That’s the whole adventure of going somewhere new, and it will not only benefit you as an individual, but it will add some rich depth to your relationship.

Take everything you can out of your experience together. Take surf lessons together to reach the next level of your surf journey; follow your guide on tours to check out completely new scenery such as uncrowded, perfectly blue waves or uncharted, unbelievably lush and colorful wildlife. Surf vacations in paradise have so much to offer, and make for an amazing and totally accessible experience. Take your relationship to the next level and plan an exotic getaway that your heart and soul will never stop thanking yourself or your sweetheart for!

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