The Ultimate Surf Trip Packing List

surf trip essentials

There’s a million tiny details that go into a surf trip, and the last little bits are what get us the most frazzled.  Not, of course, the imagining placing yourself with a coconut margarita in hand at that beachside bar you saw flipping along google images, the frothing over deliciously long pointbreaks you’ll soon shred upon, or what sweet little spot you’ve already chosen for a mid-afternoon nap.  The planning stages are the dreamy, tranquil states of a comatose smile and lounging in the pool accompanied by floaties suspending your every limb.  Rather, it’s puzzling together what to pack for a surf trip that sends us into a tidal wave of panic.

We’ve all been there.  When you arrive at some glorious spot only to open your bag and realize that you left all your underwear on your bed at home.  Or that you planned a 10 mile strenuous hike and brought only left shoes.  Okay, so these are extreme cases, but there’s definitely been times where we get to a-frame heaven only to realize we forgot our most basic items for a surf trip.

In order to save you from this despair, we created this comprehensive, all-encompassing list of goodies to save you time, energy, and make for stress-free surf trip packing.  Whether you’re going to Punta Roca or some far-off break in Iceland, you’ll find this list of surf travel essentials will serve all your organizational needs – print it out and check it off as you go.  Oh, and clothing depends on where you’ll be, so we’ll leave that to your genius creativity.

Surf Trip Packing Essentials


A few other goodies you can include on your surf trip travel list are a waterproof watch, pocketknife, location maps, and extra towels.  Never depend on mobile service to get you around, and always have a map or guidebook handy in case you get lost down a road you can't pronounce.


surf trip packing list

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