Learning to surf, what kind of surfer are you?

Learning the correct way to stand perfectly on the surfboard is exactly what most of the upcoming surfers craving to learn. In this piece of writing, you can get acknowledged with all the details regarding the same. Firstly, you are required to know whether you are goofy-footed surfer or a natural-footed surfer.

Are you natural-footed or Goofy-footed?

What is the way to know that you are goofy-footed or natural-footed? Go further with the given text and know in which category you fall.

Ponder about the way you would slide on an area covered with ice. When you slide on the ice patch, notice that which foot would be there in front first?

The sliding posture that you hold here will equally be perfect for you while surfing. Remember that you are not required to move to the local ice floor for practicing the same.

Well, let’s check which foot you keep as the front foot……

Here, while sliding on the ice floor, if you keep the right foot forward, then you are goofy-footed and if you keep the left one as your front foot while sliding, then you are a natural-footed surfer.

The Pop Up

Pop up is the make you shift from the paddling posture lying flat on the surfboard with a tight grip to the upright posture on your feet. This would be great to have your opening pop up trial on the safety of some beach spot. We suggest you to practice this when there is no one in the surrounding as it might be a bit embarrassing if done in public. So, go ahead with practicing the right pop up technique in a comfortable and safe way.

Keep in mind that it is essential to get familiar with the correct feet movement if you want to get perfect at surfing. Getting to your feet as fast and easy as possible is the key to do it all perfect. Get certain about the fact that you are swiftly up and shift to the accurate foot position. This perfect move can help you with the fine development of your surfing skills soon.

The correct move is performed at the time when you have undergone sufficient paddling in order to catch the water wave. The pop up technique is similar to the press-up in that the commencing part of the movement is to unbend the arms out in the front side. But rather than placing the legs & body perfectly straight, you are required to move your legs up and below your body, keeping your feet posture correct for a perfect surfing experience.

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