Surfing Positions

What is surfing? It’s all about gaining a pace to keep on the wave. Forget about what your instructor says, going too fast in surfing is not a thing. Tour position while surfing on the wave will naturally generate and set your speed.  

Surfing is like going downhill. When you drop down your face of the wave, your speed will build up. Your legs and body weight will also help you in keeping your speed up to carve on the wave. And for picking up the speed, maintain your high position upon the wave.

For a beginner, it’s obvious to think about speed while surfing and it’s possible to believe you are splitting while still trying to make your moves. So, initially, you should only try to cruise along the shoulder of the wave and try to keep yourself in front of the whitewater. And when you gain confidence that you are now ready to speed up, take a glance at other surfers and the way they do it.

After completing your beginner’s lesson, the first thing you are required to work on is the technique of gaining speed. Speed is the spine for many surfing tricks and is essential to throw plenty of sprays.

The image above shows the surfer high up on the wave. It will help him to dramatically increase his speed by dropping down the face of the wave if necessary. (And remind you there will be no need lack of speed on the wave!)

After-Surf Position

Now, what is “after surfing”? What is the perfect position? Well, here you should position yourself at the bar, naturally. Now the next question that comes in front is that what is the top position to be in at the bar? Like a proficient surfer, you should keep your hands in the pocket when it is your turn. Check out this image and go through explanation below.

Position A – This position is an excellent way to relax after a tiring full day surfing. Enjoy few games of pool and penalize the guy who has been bending you all afternoon.

Position B – If you are going for drinks after drinks always make sure to be near a bathroom, and the way is clear.

Position C – Are you underage? Well, you should not be caught in a pub at all. Stop reading this and complete your homework!

Position D - If you need to get quick and fast service, make sure you are visible. If you are little short, try out the 70’s style platform shoes, it will lend you some inches. And remember to smile your best to the bar person.

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