The Pop Up on a Surf Board

Have you ever noticed surfers when they are away from the breaking waves? They are waiting for their next wave. And the utmost important thing to see is their body language. They are not lying prone on their surfboards; instead, they are sitting up on them. This posture enables a surfer to have a better look on the approaching waves. Now, the thing that you should learn is how to get in sit up position on your board and second, how to get yourself prepared to paddle for an oncoming wave from this sitting-up position.

Take the paddling position while lying on the surfboard as if you’ve just rowed to the lineup. Make yourself contentedly balanced and take a grip of your board with both hands. Put your both hands on each rail such as you are getting ready to do push-ups. Pull the board from under you, and bring it forward through your legs.

As the board is moving under you, pull your knees up and bend your back to get a sitting position. (Do remember to hold your surfboard – because of you might find your surfboard going out in front of you as if it had it's directive mind.) As we mentioned earlier also, like any other technique in surfing it is the skill of balance that can mastered by practicing only. To roll down smoothly in a sitting position on your surfboard while moving on the rolling waves is a matter of practice.

While balancing yourself on the board and holding your posture upright, move your legs on the one or the other side of the surfboard. If you are bending too far off to the left or right, the possibility of you is falling off your board increases. And if you bend too far-off forward, it will be difficult to get on the surfboard, and it will disappear in seconds. (For the safer side make sure that your mouth is closed when you are in this situation!) Bend too far backward and you might encounter that destroying effect again. But as we are saying it again and again, that practice will help you to master in getting into the sitting position.    

Once you get the sling of this, in no time you are ready to zip up and down the beach to wow everyone viewing from the seashore. You are ready to move to the next level of surfing; that is how to change your sitting position to paddling your surfboard.

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