Paddling a Surf Board in the Water

Paddling is what you do when you are there inside the water but not while riding a wave or standing. It has become essential to learn the correct method to paddle because of the fact that

  • If you can’t paddle right then to shift out of the breaking waves, then it will get impossible for you to experience a perfect wave ride.
  • It you peddle slower in comparison to the other surfers then it will get harder for you to catch a wave in competition with others.
  • You might get easily caught by the breaking waves if you take more time to paddle. Moreover, you will feel more tired after this slow peddling.

Now, let’s discuss about paddling and the correct paddling position while on the surf board….

Paddling is performed almost similarly on the shortboard & longboard. While making the use of a longboard, you can use a bit altered variation for paddling. Holding the correct position on the surfboard is essential to catch the wave right. During your practicing phase, you will obviously position incorrectly several times but with the right training and practicing sessions, you will get to know what the exact position should be while being on the surfboard. During this learning phase, you might also experience some weird issues as the board slipping out of your bodyline because of the incorrect posture.  

This problem will pop up several times while you get started with learning to surf right. Therefore, it is better to practice surfing in an area where the possibility of knocking out the other surfers is low.

Moreover, the correct posture that you should be in while surfing is….

  • Keep your entire body weight in the center of the surfboard.
  • Slightly raise your feet off the end of the surfboard.  

Try and hold your body back enough to keep the front board point about 2 inches off the water level. It includes a bit extra time to get into the most relaxed and perfect surfboard position, as it totally depends on the body weight and height of the surfer. Moreover, this thing is also dependent a bit on the surfboard length. Search for a perfect surfboard that is easy for the beginners to work with. Well, if you want your surf experience to get easier, then it is advised to make use of a wider and longer surfboard!!          

Always keep in mind that your surf adventure should be safe for you and for the other suffers.  

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