Paddle out and Line up Tips

While surfing, you need to take care of your position in the lineup. It helps you to catch waves without continuously having to duck dive.

When you are surfing in a safe position, you’ll inevitably have a good feel about your experience on the waves. Likewise, while you are in the learning phase, you can still take your prompt from the other surfers.

The picture below shows the ideal position of a surfer that is required when there are catch waves. X marks the spot! This position just outside the breaking waves will provide you the opportunity to pull through from the paddle out (especially for all smokers out there!). And it will also lend an enormous amount of time to get down and wait for an exciting wave.

Paddling Out Position

When we talk about paddling, it’s easier to do paddling through unbroken water than dragging your way out through walls and walls of white water. So, before making any move in the water, just have a look your position and plan where you want yourself in the lineup and what will be the easiest way to reach there. Think thoroughly that what the best way is out. Can I use a rip to help me out? Which route is perfect to avoid incoming surfers? Sometimes common sense also gives you best answers. The image below shows a perfect way out for the lineup. It’s always handy to find your surfing spot free of the crowd and the waves are breaking for you to experience the adventure. Each surf that breaks is different from another, and every breaking wave may yield unique peaks from the previous day. But do remember it will be a lifetime experience.  

If you pick up the route as mentioned above, you can avoid incoming surfers as well as you will be free to do duck dive. From the image, you can easily understand that the surfer sitting at the edge of the red line at the top right will be just outside the breaking waves.

One thing we would like to advise you that you will not have the luxury to paddle out in the fine unbroken waves. While surfing if you come off your board, you might get stuck in the impact zone, also known as being caught inside. Your priority should be to make your way out to the lineup in the whitewater free from incoming surfers.

The next read up is the last section on the positioning. You will learn to position yourself on the waves. Go through it and we are sure, you’ll cruise on the waves like a pro!

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