How to Eskimo Roll/Turtle Roll

The duck diving lesson is perfect for the surfers who ride with the shortboards, but there are also options for the surfers who ride with the longboards.

Duck diving totally depends on firstly dropping the tip of the board and move under the wave. The longboards are too light in weight to move inside the wave with this. Well, no need to get anxious as there is a perfect solution to this problem. You can easily get out to the lineup easily with a longboard by doing the turtle roll. This technique is also termed as the Eskimo roll.

Longboards in the lineup

There are a few tips that you need to follow for performing the turtle roll correctly. In the below given points, we have tried to explain the proper technique and style for performing the turtle roll.

As you see a wave moving in your direction….

  • Paddle fast on the longboard and look for the waves moving towards you. Keep an eye out for the other people who are surfing there in the area.
  • Clutch the board correctly and keep the grip tight. You should hold the surfboard near the middle or the back.
  • Do not try to perform the turtle roll while some other surfer is riding a wave or close to you.
  • Keep the rails close to the surfboard tip and keep it rolling over till the fins face right up before the wave moves in your direction.
  • The most essential step for perfect turtle roll is the correct timing. Attempt rolling for at least 3 to 5 seconds before a wave move forward.
  • Keep practicing as by this it will get easy for you know the exact moment for rolling over to get the best effect.
  • Your body posture under water should be vertical with the surfboard overhead. Allow your body to work as the sea anchor.

You can go for one of these….

Spread your arms above head, but you need to be careful as by this you might lose your grip. This technique is better to be utilized for the smaller or medium waves.

Or you can…

Pull down the board on the head and you need to keep doing that harder. By this you will get a stronger grip. But, while performing this, it is advised to wear the helmet as a bit of bruising might take place.

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