How to catch a wave

Catching clean and unbroken waves give a different feel than catching an already broken wave (whitewater). Comparing to whitewater wave, surfing on a clean wave is much smoother. It can provide you a feeling of surfing from the top of the wave and rushing downwards. Being honest here, we have to say that, if you’ve not been up and sliding on the clean wave, you have not surfed. It’s bitter, but its truth. But you don’t have to worry!    

For catching an unbroken wave, you need to bring together various techniques. We are sure that you have been using the guides on the site, and if not here’s the snapshot of essentials you’ll require.


Master the skill of paddling to get out before the breaking wave. Take the position and paddle to catch one.

The Pop-Up

If you wish to surf, make sure you have learned the popup.

Duck diving

This skill will help you to get into the lineup effortlessly. Master it and upsurge your chances to grab the position fast.


Getting the ideal place in the lineup is the primary to catch unbroken waves.

Get into Position

For getting into the position, you need to prepare yourself physically. If you can make yourself sit on the surfboard, it will enable you to have a perfect view of the upcoming waves. For making a move, you should set a bridge in the timing of the paddling, which you can learn from other surfers as well.  

You should paddle as the wave approaches you and gradually increase the speed of your paddling by keeping track of the wave behind you. And you will experience the increased speed as you are picked up by the tide. Time is the key, and you can only surf like a pro if you have practiced it a lot. Don’t think too much; it will soon become your habit.  


Catching waves can be challenging, and does need a tremendous amount of practice. It’s easy for anyone to get demotivated if there is a struggle to start and hard to catch a simple wave. To tell you there are numbers of the reason that can play a role in letting you have a smooth surfing. If you find everyone else is effortlessly surfing, then it is entirely possible that the problem relies on either on your board, paddling, timing or positioning.

Holding an unbroken wave is an ideal experience, and it will surely make you feel a level higher in surfing. Trust us; there will be nothing that can hold your back!

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