Sitting on a Surf Board

You can learn the technique of pop up at the comfort of your home also. Along with it, it will great to do regular press-ups to create arm strength. Here is a step by step guide for your better understanding:

  • Give a start by lying on your stomach, straight and flat.
  • Similar to the position of press-ups, place your hands apart as per board width.
  • It’s time to get into a crouched position as quickly as you can.
  • Perfection can come with practice and if you have practiced on dry land, so now you are ready to show your skill in the real water.
  • While being in this position, you might feel that your feet and body are faces out from the board. (For complete knowledge, read out the next lesson.)

The technique of pop-up is hard to explain in words. The best way to learn is, either have a practical view of other surfers at the local beach or watching a surfing tutorial video. Check out this video below.

One Knee First - A Little Shortcut

While doing pop up, if it becomes difficult for you to stand up on your feet, then here is a shortcut to get into the position. Rather going straight up on your feet, it’s better to get into the crouched position with both feet in the correct place.

  • Once you have adequate speed to grab the wave, keep your hands on the bars while lying down on the board.
  • Twist your body to a correct angle and pull your legs under you while grabbing the bars.
  • Move the front foot in a proper position for you, while making sure that your lower leg and back foot rests at the tail of the surfboard.
  • When your front foot is confidently placed in the accurate position, you are ready to get into the crouched position.

Your pop up is complete. In these few last lessons, we have tried to give a thorough insight on catching a wave, paddling around and the technique of duck diving. These tutorials trained you about getting into the standing position. Now, it’s time to learn how to post you on board while surfing. Check out our surfing lesson #5—positioning.

And one more thing: Avoid practicing the technique of pop up on the surfboard out of the water. There are certain chances that you’ll probably knock your board or either have a sudden fin off. We know practice is essential but where to practice is a million dollar question!

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